Teaching Experience

Teacher and Language Education (Main/sole Instructor)

TEAC 330 Multicultural Education

Course Description: TEAC 330 Multicultural Education explores the theory and practice of teaching in culturally diverse classrooms. Topics include cultural awareness, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students will develop strategies to create inclusive learning environments and promote cultural competence.

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TEAC 497R Student Teaching Secondary Modern Language

Course Description: TEAC 497R is a student teaching experience in secondary modern language education. During this practicum, students will work closely with experienced educators to develop and implement lessons for secondary school students studying modern languages. This hands-on experience allows students to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world classroom setting.

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TEAC 397R Professional Practicum Experience III

Course Description: This course provides students with hands-on teaching experience in secondary modern language classrooms. Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world teaching environment, working with secondary school students in modern language education. The practicum experience includes lesson planning, classroom instruction, and student assessment.

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Classes I Co-taught in Education

TEAC 452/852R Secondary Modern Language Methods II - Fall 2023

The second course in a two-part series focused on practical language teaching and learning. Students gain teaching experience in secondary classrooms alongside reflective growth. They observe various teaching settings, attend language conferences, maintain learner autobiographies, and create video narratives of their teaching journey during the practicum.

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TEAC 317 Teaching Multilingual Learners in Elementary School - Spring 2023 (Teaching Assistant)

Course exploring pedagogical, linguistic, and cultural issues in the education of multilingual learners in elementary school classrooms.

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English for Specific Purposes-IFOAD/Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo

Course Description: This syllabus covers the content and objectives of the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course offered at IFOAD/Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo in May 2021. The course focuses on providing students with language skills and knowledge tailored to their specific academic or professional fields. Topics covered include specialized vocabulary, communication skills, and language proficiency development.

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Classes I Co-taught as a Teaching Assistant (Grading)

Global Issues BSAD320 - Summer 2022, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This course offers an interdisciplinary exploration of complex global issues. It delves into the continuous transformation of various aspects of human endeavors, including technology, business, politics, laws, culture, and arts. Students investigate how innovation and change play pivotal roles in addressing the numerous challenges that humanity faces. Additionally, the course examines how innovation and change can provide new solutions while also giving rise to unforeseen problems and unintended consequences.

International Business GRBA 852 - Summer 2022, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This course offers a comprehensive examination of marketing, management, accounting, and financial concepts within both domestic and foreign business environments. It emphasizes the understanding of various cultural, economic, and political systems' impact on business operations. The course also focuses on practical decision-making in international business contexts.

Global Leadership and Culture Map BSAD420 - Summer 2022, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This course focuses on connecting business functional areas to global contexts, both in theory and practice. It covers international management from a strategic perspective, with a strong emphasis on cross-cultural dimensions among countries. Additionally, the course examines emerging competitive strategies employed by multinational companies and strategic issues related to international company expansions and international venture launches.

Secondary Education

Several years of experience teaching ESL at the secondary level, focusing on helping students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Language Centers

Experience teaching French and ESL at language centers to adolescents and adults from diverse backgrounds and cultures.