Educational Resources

Welcome to my extensive resource guide. Here, you'll find a curated list of educational materials and tools, organized into distinct categories for easy navigation. Whether you're looking for specific language learning resources, instructional design materials, or insights into educational technology, our Table of Contents will help you quickly locate the information you need. Click on any of the links below to jump directly to the section of your interest.

Open Source Platforms for Students/Researchers

  • Explore essential open source platforms, offering a wealth of academic and research resources for students and researchers alike.
  • Semantic Scholar (Allen Institute)
  • AI-powered tool for navigating scientific literature with over 180 million papers across all fields of science.
  • Google Scholar

    Academic search engine providing links to full-text PDF files for many articles.

  • BASE (Bielefeld University’s Academic Search Engine)

    Provides more than 240 million academic documents, with about 60% available for free.

  • CORE

    Aggregates open access research from repositories and journals worldwide, offering unrestricted access to research.

  • DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

    Database with over 15,000 peer-reviewed open access journals covering a range of disciplines.

  • Microsoft Academic

    Uses semantic search technology for more accurate academic search results.

  • ScienceOpen

    Interactive discovery platform for scholars with advanced search and post-publication peer review features.

  • ResearchGate

    Social networking site for researchers with over 100 million publication pages.

  • Bioline International

    Offers open access to research journals from developing countries.

  • CERN Document Server

    Offers over 650,000 bibliographic records and 320,000 full-text documents in particle physics and related areas.

  • arXiv

    Open-access archive for scholarly articles in various scientific fields, including physics, mathematics, and computer science.

  • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)

    A digital library for education literature, establishing standards for selecting materials for inclusion in the ERIC collection.

  • Mendeley

    A reference manager and academic social network for organizing research and collaborating with others online.

  • Organic Eprints

    An archive for papers and projects related to research in organic food and farming.

  • CiteSeerx

    A scientific literature digital library and search engine focused on computer and information science.

  • PubMed

    A search engine accessing the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.

  • SSRN (Social Science Research Network)

    A repository for preprints devoted to the rapid dissemination of scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities.


    Searches over 60 databases and over 2,200 scientific websites to provide authoritative federal science information.

  • Wordtune

    Wordtune uses AI to help refine and improve writing, offering suggestions for clearer and more engaging language.

  • Elicit

    Elicit is an AI-powered research assistant that helps in finding and synthesizing academic papers effectively.

  • Quillbot

    Quillbot is an AI writing and research tool that helps in paraphrasing and summarizing content, enhancing writing skills.

  • Scholarcy

    Scholarcy is an AI tool that aids in summarizing research papers, reports, and chapters into concise readable summaries.

Educational Tools for Modern Learning

    Discover innovative educational tools designed to enhance modern learning experiences for both educators and students.

  • Google Classroom Visit Google Classroom

    An easily accessible platform for discussions and file sharing between teachers and students.

  • Wakelet Visit Wakelet

    Allows teachers to save, organize, and present multimedia content with students and learning communities.

  • EdPuzzle Visit EdPuzzle

    Teachers can make any video interactive by inserting questions and discussion prompts at specific time markers in an uploaded video of their choice.

  • Screencast-o-matic Visit Screencast-o-matic

    An online screen recorder that can be used with just a click of a mouse.

  • PowToon Visit PowToon

    A tool for creating animated video explainers as an alternative to PowerPoint presentations.

  • Hypothesis Visit Hypothesis

    Facilitates discussions, social reading, research organization, and personal note-taking for reflective teaching.

  • Factile Visit Factile

    A game-based learning platform that lets teachers create jeopardy-style quiz games for the classroom.

  • Buncee Visit Buncee

    A creation and presentation tool for interactive classroom content, helping learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively.

  • Parlay Visit Parlay

    Helps create custom discussion prompts for classes, with each student submitting a unique response.

  • Seesaw Visit Seesaw

    Enables students to independently document their learning, also useful in physical classrooms.

  • Microsoft Whiteboard Visit Microsoft Whiteboard

    A collaborative tool that brings together virtual classrooms on the same canvas for brainstorming.

  • IXL Visit IXL

    Offers K-2 online learning, allowing students to practice skills and take diagnostic assessments.

  • CK-12 Visit CK-12

    Provides digital textbooks and lessons in science and math with a library of free resources and real-world applications.

  • Diigo Visit Diigo

    A social bookmarking website for organizing and highlighting web pages, with features like attaching sticky notes.

  • Visit

    Offers resources and tools for teaching and learning K-12 Chemistry online.

  • Nearpod Visit Nearpod

    Software for creating lessons with informative and interactive assessment activities.

  • Visit

    A tool for collecting, organizing, and sharing web content, allowing the creation of web pages with various media.

  • Prezi Visit Prezi

    Offers free access to PreziNext and PreziVideo for education professionals, along with designer templates and presentations.

  • Slidesmania Visit Slidesmania

    Provides free PowerPoint templates or Google Slides themes for education, including a range of styles.

  • Sutori Visit Sutori

    A tool for organizing, planning, and centering instruction, ideal for collaborative student and teacher presentations.

  • Symbaloo Visit Symbaloo

    A cloud-based application for organizing web links, available in a PRO version for educators at no cost.

  • Zoom Visit Zoom

    Widely used for virtual meetings and classes, with alternatives like Google Meet and Hangouts available.

  • Kahoot Visit Kahoot

    A game-based learning platform designed to engage students in school or at home.

  • Loom Visit Loom

    Simplifies recording and sharing videos, allowing screen capture, front-facing camera recording, and narration.

  • Pear Deck Visit Pear Deck

    Aids in designing engaging instructional content with various integration features.

  • Squigl Visit Squigl

    A content creation platform that turns speech or text into animated videos.

EFL/ESL Resources

    Explore a comprehensive collection of resources for English as a Foreign/Second Language. These materials are tailored to assist both teachers and learners in mastering English.

    • ESL Lab

      ESL Lab offers a variety of free English learning resources, including quizzes, exercises, and podcasts to improve listening and speaking skills.

    • ISO Collective

      ISO Collective provides a wide range of free ESL/ELL worksheets and teaching materials for educators and learners.

    • British Council English Resources

      The British Council provides a comprehensive range of interactive materials to help users learn English. It includes games, stories, listening activities, and grammar exercises.

    • Cambridge English Learning Resources

      Cambridge offers a variety of learning tools for English language learners, including exam preparation materials, games, and quizzes to enhance both written and spoken English skills.

    • BBC Learning English

      This platform offers a wealth of resources, including news in simplified English, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation lessons, making it ideal for learners at all levels.

    • Duolingo

      Duolingo uses a game-like approach to make language learning fun and effective. It covers a wide range of languages, including English, with lessons tailored to the user's learning pace.

    • Open Culture

      Open Culture offers free cultural and educational resources, including language courses, audiobooks, and textbooks. It's a great place for those looking to immerse themselves in English.

    • Project Gutenberg

      Project Gutenberg provides over 60,000 free ebooks, many in English. It's an excellent resource for practicing reading skills with classics and other literature.

    • Khan Academy

      While known for subjects like math and science, Khan Academy also offers resources in grammar and storytelling, useful for enhancing English language skills.

    • Coursera

      Coursera provides online courses from universities worldwide, including many on English language and literature. Some courses are free to audit, offering a university-level learning experience.

    • EdX

      EdX offers a range of university-level courses, with several focused on English language learning. These courses are designed to improve both spoken and written English skills.

    • Internet Archive

      The Internet Archive is a digital library offering free access to books, movies, software, and more. It's an invaluable resource for extensive reading and listening practice in English.

    • LibriVox

      LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain, perfect for practicing English listening skills with a variety of classic literature read by volunteers.

    • MIT OpenCourseWare

      MIT OpenCourseWare offers free course materials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including courses on literature and writing.

World Languages Resources

    Access a diverse range of resources for learning various world languages, including interactive tools and course materials.

  • Duolingo for Language Learning

    Duolingo offers a fun and interactive way to learn many languages, including English. Its game-like lessons help build vocabulary and grammar skills.

  • Memrise Language Courses

    Memrise uses spaced repetition and mnemonic techniques to help learners rapidly build their vocabulary and language comprehension skills.

  • Babbel Language Learning

    Babbel offers comprehensive language courses designed by linguistic experts, tailored to each learner's native language for more effective learning.

  • Busuu Language Learning Platform

    Busuu provides language learning courses in several languages, featuring practice with native speakers and personalized study plans.

  • Mondly Language Courses

    Mondly offers interactive language learning with a focus on daily lessons, real conversations, and augmented reality (AR) features.

  • LingoDeer for Language Mastery

    LingoDeer specializes in Asian languages but also offers comprehensive courses in other languages, focusing on grammar and vocabulary.

  • Pimsleur Language Programs

    Pimsleur's audio-focused method emphasizes oral language skills and conversational abilities, suitable for learning on the go.

  • italki Language Tutoring

    italki connects learners with native speakers for personalized language tutoring, ideal for those seeking one-on-one learning experiences.

  • Tandem Language Exchange

    Tandem is a language exchange app that pairs learners with native speakers around the world for mutual language practice and cultural exchange.

  • Libraries as Language Learning Centers

    This resource highlights how libraries can serve as effective centers for language learning, offering access to a wealth of resources and programs.

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Khan Academy Assessment Tools

    Khan Academy offers practice exercises and instructional videos across a wide range of subjects, allowing students to learn and assess their understanding at their own pace.

  • EdX for Online Assessment

    EdX provides a platform for online courses from various universities, including assessments and certifications to gauge and validate learning progress.

  • Coursera Online Learning

    Coursera offers courses from universities and companies, complete with quizzes, assignments, and exams to assess and certify learners' achievements.

  • Udemy Course Assessments

    Udemy features a vast array of courses in numerous fields, many of which include quizzes and practical projects for skill assessment.

  • Quizlet Learning Tools

    Quizlet provides learning tools such as flashcards, games, and quizzes, making it an excellent resource for studying and self-assessment.

  • Schoology Learning Management

    Schoology offers a learning management system that integrates assessments, grades, and learning materials in a collaborative environment.

  • Canvas by Instructure

    Canvas is a learning management system that supports online learning and testing, widely used by educational institutions for course management.

  • Blackboard Learning Platform

    Blackboard provides educational and assessment tools, facilitating learning management, virtual learning environments, and online engagement.

  • Moodle Open-Source Learning

    Moodle is an open-source learning platform designed to provide educators with tools to create and manage online courses, including assessments.

  • Google Classroom

    Google Classroom integrates Google's suite of tools to create an interactive learning environment, with features for creating and grading assignments.

Online Learning Resources

  • Coursera Online Courses

    Coursera offers a wide range of courses from universities and companies, including both free and paid options, covering various subjects for learning and professional development.

  • Udemy for Professional Development

    Udemy provides a vast selection of courses in numerous fields, focusing on professional and personal development, with both free and paid options.

  • EdX for Higher Education

    EdX offers online courses from prestigious universities, including free courses and paid certificate programs, covering a wide array of academic and professional subjects.

  • Khan Academy for K-12 Education

    Khan Academy provides free educational resources for students, teachers, and parents in subjects ranging from math to humanities, with a focus on K-12 education.

  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly

    LinkedIn Learning offers video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills, available through subscription.

  • Skillshare for Creative Skills

    Skillshare focuses on interactive learning in creative fields like design, photography, and writing, offering both free and premium classes.

  • FutureLearn for Online Degrees

    FutureLearn provides online courses and degrees from top universities and organizations, covering subjects from business to healthcare, with both free and paid options.

  • Codecademy for Coding Skills

    Codecademy offers interactive coding classes in various programming languages and computer science topics, with both free and pro versions.

  • Pluralsight for Technology Skills

    Pluralsight provides video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals, available via subscription.

  • Alison Free Online Learning

    Alison offers free online courses in various subjects, including technology, language, science, business, and more, with certificates and diplomas available.

Instructional Design Materials

    • Articulate for E-Learning Development

      Articulate provides a suite of tools for creating e-learning courses, including interactive slides, quizzes, and more, ideal for professional course developers.

    • Adobe Captivate for Interactive Courses

      Adobe Captivate is a powerful tool for creating interactive eLearning content, with features for responsive design and virtual reality projects.

    • Camtasia for Video Editing and Screen Recording

      Camtasia is a popular screen recorder and video editor, widely used for creating instructional videos and presentations.

    • TechSmith Snagit for Screen Capture

      TechSmith Snagit is a screen capture tool that also includes image editing and video recording features, useful for creating tutorials and instructional materials.

    • Udutu Online Course Authoring

      Udutu offers an online course authoring tool, ideal for creating interactive e-learning content with a user-friendly interface.

    • iSpring Suite for Course Creation

      iSpring Suite is a comprehensive toolkit for developing e-learning courses, complete with quiz maker, interactive assessments, and dialogue simulations.

    • Adobe Presenter for Interactive Presentations

      Adobe Presenter is a tool for transforming PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning content, enhancing presentations with quizzes, videos, and simulations.

    • Vyond for Animated Videos

      Vyond allows users to create animated videos for all kinds of e-learning projects, offering a range of characters, props, and scenarios for engaging content.

    • Gomo Learning for Cloud-Based Authoring

      Gomo Learning provides a cloud-based authoring tool to create, host, and deliver multi-device learning, with features like drag-and-drop and collaborative authoring.

AI in Education

  • ChatGPT

    ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model developed by OpenAI, offering conversational and educational assistance across various topics.

  • Bing AI

    Bing AI, enhanced with GPT-4, offers advanced search capabilities, understanding complex queries to provide more relevant and comprehensive answers.

  • Claude AI

    Claude AI, by Anthropic, is a robust AI assistant excelling in conversational, creative, and analytical tasks with high reliability and safety standards.

  • Google Gemini

    Google Gemini is a conversational AI designed to synthesize information and provide creative insights, leveraging extensive web knowledge.

  • Curipod

    Curipod provides interactive lessons enhanced by AI, offering a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

  • ClassPoint

    ClassPoint is an interactive tool that enables educators to create engaging quiz questions for live classroom participation.

  • Schemely

    Schemely specializes in AI-generated lessons, offering unique and innovative approaches to lesson planning and delivery.

  • IBM Watson Education

    IBM Watson Education offers AI-powered solutions to personalize learning experiences and improve outcomes in educational environments.

  • Knewton Adaptive Learning

    Knewton provides adaptive learning technology that personalizes educational content to meet individual student needs and learning styles.

  • Carnegie Learning

    Carnegie Learning utilizes AI to deliver personalized math instruction and offers a comprehensive suite of digital learning tools and textbooks.

  • Squirrel AI Learning

    Squirrel AI is a leading adaptive learning platform in China, offering personalized and dynamic learning paths for students based on AI algorithms.

  • Udacity School of AI

    Udacity's School of AI offers nanodegree programs in various AI specialties, providing practical, project-based learning to equip students with AI skills.

  • Querium Stepwise Virtual Tutor

    Querium's Stepwise platform uses AI to provide step-by-step assistance in STEM subjects, helping students master complex problem-solving skills.

  • CENTURY Tech

    CENTURY is an AI teaching and learning platform that adapts to individual student's learning styles and paces, enhancing engagement and understanding.

  • ALEKS Adaptive Learning

    ALEKS is an adaptive learning program powered by AI, focusing on K-12 and higher education in subjects like mathematics and chemistry.

  • DreamBox Learning

    DreamBox Learning offers an adaptive K-8 math program that integrates AI to personalize learning and provide actionable data to educators.

Academic Writing Resources

  • Purdue OWL Writing Lab

    The Purdue OWL offers extensive resources on writing, research, grammar, and citation guidelines, widely used by students and educators alike.

  • Grammarly for Academic Writing

    Grammarly is a popular tool for checking grammar, punctuation, and style, making it a valuable asset for refining academic texts.

  • Turnitin for Plagiarism Checking

    Turnitin is widely used in academic settings for plagiarism detection and ensuring the originality of written work.

  • Zotero for Citation Management

    Zotero is a free tool to collect, organize, cite, and share research sources, helping streamline the citation process in academic writing.

  • Mendeley for Research Organization

    Mendeley is a reference manager and academic social network that helps organize research, collaborate online, and discover the latest research.

  • Scribbr Academic Editing

    Scribbr offers professional editing and proofreading services, along with resources like a plagiarism checker and a citation generator.

  • Cite This For Me

    Cite This For Me provides tools for generating citations in various styles, making it easier for students and researchers to cite their sources correctly.

  • Hemingway Editor

    The Hemingway Editor is an online tool to enhance writing clarity and readability, useful for refining academic essays and papers.

  • Citation Machine

    Citation Machine helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use, with tools for creating citations in various formats.

  • ProQuest for Academic Research

    ProQuest provides access to a large repository of scholarly journals, books, and dissertations, useful for academic research and writing.

  • EndNote for Reference Management

    EndNote is a comprehensive reference management tool that helps researchers organize their references and create bibliographies for their academic papers.

Burkina English Teachers Association (BETA)

Education Research in Burkina Faso

Ubuntu Philosophy in Education

  • Introduction to Ubuntu Philosophy

    An overview of Ubuntu philosophy, exploring its roots and implications for education and society.

  • UNICEF and Ubuntu in Education

    Discusses how UNICEF incorporates Ubuntu values in its educational initiatives, particularly in African contexts.

  • African Philosophy and Ubuntu

    Explores the role of Ubuntu in African philosophy and its influence on educational practices and policies.

  • Ubuntu in Education: Equitable Teaching and Learning

    This article explores how the Ubuntu philosophy can be integrated into education to promote equitable teaching and learning, in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goal 4. Authored by Chiedza A. Chinhanu and Seun B. Adebayo, the piece delves into the principles of Ubuntu and their relevance in creating inclusive educational environments.

Pan-Africanist Perspectives on African Education

African Diaspora and African American Education

YouTube Channels for Educators